Earth Day

Client: Facebook


  • Jennifer Talesfore – Art Director

  • Vianti Kandi – Producer

  • Caique Moretto - Motion Designer

360 Backgrounds:

  • Emmett Dzieza – Art Director

  • Aaron Norstad – Producer

Chat Themes:

  • Alice C. LeBeau – Product Designer

  • Chase Gray – Product Designer

  • Christina Roldan - Producer

Social Team:

  • Jacquelyn Gillespie – Communications Manager, Social

  • Joel Evey – Messenger Social

To celebrate the Earth day 2021 Facebook invited me to create various different designs for three different app tools: a Stickers Pack, Chat Themes Backgrounds and a 360 AR Background. 

I've designed this fun, cute and colorful universe relating to enverioment themes that connected all of these characters. My idea was to make people feel immersed in this sunny and positive world, in which the environment/planet and humans can grown together in harmony and balance.