This is a personal illustration series dedicated to running, to express my love and my affection for this activity that changed my life.

This story starts back in 2017, constant anxiety crises and an undiagnosed OCD was causing me a lot of suffering and despair. One day, out of nothing, I decided to go for an evening run and I could run 4K, which was kind of a record. Well, in the next week I got to 6k, after that 8k and some months later I was running a half marathon distance! It was then I realized how much I loved it, not just the act of running itself, but it made me get my thoughts in order, and gave me relief from all the anxiety I was experiencing.

So, I realized that if I was able to run all those kilometers, bear all of the pain, all the ache on my feet and legs, I could also go through all the suffering and pain anxiety was causing me.

Running not only helped me go through this period, it taught me some lessons that were so important for my life and mental health.